It's All About Lovely Bhati Studio

Music | Production | Distributor

We are a group of Indian actors, composers, musicians, and vocalists. We create incredible music videos. We have a group of casting directors, music directors, and composers. We have written more than 100 songs, graduated, and set standards for the music business. We are a group of young people that love music. With our music, we purposefully deafen your hearing while also giving you next-level songs that touch your heart. We want to make you deaf with our music while still giving you modern songs that speak to your spirit.

Meet The Team

We have 3 people on our team to manage all the work, so please meet them. We have more than 4 years of combined expertise in the music industry. and news site

Lovely Bhati

CEO & Owner

Lovely Bhati is a Musician, Songwriter, and Actor by Profession and CEO & Owner at Lovely Bhati Studio.

Bhavesh Bhati

Chief Financial Officer

Bhavesh Bhati is the Chief Financial Officer and runs the Lovely Bhati Studio.

Prem Shankar

Managing Director

Prem Shankar is a Managing Director at Lovely Bhati Studio’s and music director.